Challenge analytical complexity–Biacore SPR systems

Biotherapeutic drugs, such as monoclonal antibodies, are large, complex biomolecules whose structural features can impact their biological activity. Several molecular interactions contribute to antibody function and an array of assays are used to select, characterize, and monitor critical quality attributes (CQA) throughout the development process.

Biacore systems for label-free binding assays are used extensively in the biotherapeutic antibody discovery, from development to quality control, giving information for a wide range of applications such as binding, affinity, kinetics, epitope binning, concentration, potency, stability, and many more.

In this technology seminar we present the utility of Biacore systems at all stages of the process from selection of first candidates to clinical lead. We show that a combination of Biacore instruments, software, sensor chips, and kits support the setup of screening and characterization assays, reduces assay development efforts, and shorten and streamline the time to results for decisive decisions.


Michael Murphy PhD, Biacore Application Scientist, Cytiva

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