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DiPIA conference is on hold until the pandemic has released the grip on us and the society.

In the meantime, the R&D team and Biacore™ application specialists are eager to share their experience in assay design, validation, data evaluation and how to overcome potential obstacles working with SPR analysis today.

There is a stream of topics that gives you an opportunity to dive deeper into Biacore analysis and learn helpful tips and tricks.

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Latest presentation


Frequent challenges and solutions for assay developers

Publish date: September, 2020
Streamline all Biacore data analysis by using same evaluation software

Publish date: August, 2020
The Good, Bad, or Ugly – what is the SPR data telling you?

Publish date: September, 2020
Approaches to detect and treat virus outbreaks

Publish date: September, 2020
Assay validation using Biacore Systems

Publish date: September, 2020
Working with fragments and small molecules using Biacore SPR systems

Publish date: August, 2020
Epitope binning analysis for further differentiation of therapeutic antibodies

Publish date: August, 2020
Challenge analytical complexity–Biacore SPR systems

Publish date: August, 2020
Biacore best practice for maintenance and troubleshooting

Publish date: June, 2020
Biacore Insight Evaluation Software eLicensing

Publish date: May, 2020
Why re-qualify? Part 1: The beginning and the basics

Publish date: April, 2020
Why re-qualify? Part 2: Qualification as part of the lifecycle

Publish date: April, 2020
Accelerate your response to emerging pandemics - Biacore™ SPR technology role in vaccine development
Publish date: April 2021

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Free e-learning course to get started with Biacore SPR analysis

Application guides

See the overview of analysis and data interpretation with Biacore systems.


Sensor Chip NA for high-performance Biacore SPR analysis


Epitope binning analysis for further differentiation of therapeutic antibodies and diagnostic reagents


Development of a protein-protein interaction inhibition assay using Biacore 8K


Facilitating IgG FcRn analyses


Specific protein quantification during cell culture and process development using surface plasmon resonance


Why sensitivity matters: reliable hit characterization for challenging targets using high-sensitivity SPR systems


Biacore SPR-based surrogate potency assays with streamlined PLA and EC50 analysis facilitate comparability studies


Determination of adenovirus concentration using Biacore T200


Kinetic and concentration analysis in all directions with Biacore 8K and Biacore 8K+

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