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Introducing MabSelect™ VL affinity resin

Try protein L capture of antibody variants

 Bispecifics. Antibody fragments. As the therapeutic pipeline diversifies, chromatography toolboxes are expanding.

We’ve made our protein L ligand more stable and efficient for capture of fragments and bispecifics containing kappa light chain. The resulting MabSelect™ VL resin has higher binding capacity (Fig 1) and alkaline stability (Fig 2) than its predecessor to meet your needs for productive and robust processes. 

Fig 1. Dynamic binding capacity (DBC) at 10% breakthrough (QB10) vs residence time (RT) of MabSelect™ VL resin and the predecessor Capto™ L resin.


Fig 2. Accelerated alkaline-stability study of relative remaining DBC for MabSelect™ VL and Capto™ L resins over 80 cleaning-in-place (CIP) cycles with 0.1 M NaOH.

Evaluate binding sites

Developing a capture step for an antibody or variant? We can help you assess binding sites of your molecule and find a suitable resin.


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