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Chromatography modeling days

Better together: learn from the downstream modeling community

May 23-25, Heidelberg, Germany

Hands-on courses

For beginner and advanced modelers

Case studies

Real cases for downstream modeling

Insight sharing

Gain new insights and inspire the community

Time for socializing

Dinner, and time to get to know each other

Chromatography modeling days: May 23-25, 2022, Heidelberg, Germany
Following the 2019 Chromatography Modeling Days (CMD) in Mainz, we’re happy to finally bring the international chromatography modeling community together again. 


Join us to engage on chromatography modeling and applications

If you’re a process developer, modeler, or innovator in the biopharma downstream community, you are invited to share and discuss success stories, best practices, and current challenges and pain points. Spots are limited, so sign up soon!


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Health first: pandemic-compliant meeting in person

Currently, the event is planned to be held in person only. We are working closely with the event venue to assure sanitary standards and social distance guidelines during sessions and social events. We might adapt the event mode if needed to prioritize the health of speakers and attendees.


Event Agenda


Monday May 23


Snacks & refreshment

Tuesday May 24


Session 1:

Early PD workflows


 Novartis: Measure what matters – from sequence to chromatogram in early phase development
Merck & Co. Model calibration from plate-based isotherm data

Wednesday  May 25

08.30 am

Session 4:
New molecular formats


Catapult: Creating a digital twin of an AAV ion exchange monolith chromatography

Roche: Establishment of an E2E DSP digital twin concept for next-generation complex antibodies

01.00 pm 


10.00 am
Coffee break

10.00 am
Coffee break

01.30 pm 

Beginner & advanced

10.20 am

Session 2:
Flowthrough PD


Takeda: Model-based characterization of a combined flow-through/bind-and-elute process
CSL Behring: Approach to establish a mAb phase I/II mechanistic model for an AEX_MMC unit operation in flowthrough mode

10.30 am

Session 5:
Process characterization


Bayer: Towards a model-based workflow for efficient process characterization
Boehringer Ingelheim: Risk-informed qualification of mechanistic chromatography models

03.30 pm 

Coffee break

11.45 am

12.00 pm

04.00 pm 


01.00 pm

Session 3:


Genentech: Modeling chromatography on a mixed mode resin using an ion exchange isotherm and workflow

12.30 pm

Boxed lunch

06.00 pm 


01.40 pm
Blitz poster presentations


07.00 pm 

Dinner and socializing

02.40 pm

Coffee break


03.00 pm
Joey Studts, Boehringer Ingellheim


04.00 pm



06.30 pm
Dinner and socializing


Event Location



Hotel Königstuhl

Königstuhl 2

69117 Heidelberg


Date: May 23-25, 2022


We’re looking forward to an exciting event, packed with inspiring and motivating talks full of industrial insights on chromatography modeling using GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software. Speakers to be announced soon.


“You did an incredible job! Perfect session length, nice evening program and an overall relaxed atmosphere”


Asking participants, how the CMD 2019 ranks compared to other conferences and user meetings they attended during the last year, 20% rated CMD “far above average” 75% rated it “above average,” and 5% rated it “average”.


“I never took home so many ideas and impressions from a conference before! The event and the dinner events were fantastic”


Dr. Felix Wittkopp (Senior Scientist Bioprocess Research – Roche Diagnostics GmbH) 

“It was a great experience coming together as a chromatography modeling community. I really enjoyed the various case studies and the excellent modeling discussions which you usually do not have at more general conferences”


Tobias Hahn (R&D Leader – Cytiva) 

 “For the first time, an event was organized exclusively for the purpose of professional exchange around chromatography modeling – and all relevant players joined us in Mainz for discussions, knowledge exchange and the intention to harmonize modeling workflows along the industry”

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