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Biacore™ SPR ideation


Biacore™ SPR machine learning journey

Biacore™ surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based sensors are an essential tool in drug discovery. With them, scientists can detect and characterize low molecular weight and low affinity compounds binding to their targets. 


Improvements in data analysis software have helped to streamline your workflows — but analyzing data still requires a lot of oversight before you can get the conclusive results your research needs.

Sign up for a demo! Biacore Intelligent Analysis™ - Cytiva machine learning software.


This innovative and transparent software solution applies machine learning for the analysis of SPR data generated by the range of Biacore™ instruments – Biacore™ 8K, Biacore™ 8K+, Biacore™T200 and Biacore™ S200 systems.

Biacore machine learning

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